Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Hand of Knaves - A New Anthology from the CSFG

Rogues are my all-time favourite characters, be it in books, movies, videogames, or tabletop RPGs (yes, I was the thief who stole your Ring of Featherfall while you slept and didn't say a word as you jumped off that cliff thinking you'd be fine) and thanks to CSFG Publishing I now get the opportunity to co-edit an anthology of stories entitled A Hand of Knaves - which will be 100% about thieves, scoundrels and rogues! So as you can probably guess, I'm stoked the CSFG committee decided to run with our pitch.

In even better news, my co-editor is the unstoppable Leife Shallcross, who apparently doesn't have the word sleep in her vocabulary as she edits her upcoming novel The Beast's Heart, completes her second novel (which I've read and which is absolutely amazing), helps out with Conflux, as well as fulfilling her day job and doing all her other lifey things.

We are super-excited for this and make no mistake, we both love the concept and want to produce the best anthology our all-Aussie spec-fic writing family can muster.

If you haven't read anything from previous CSFG anthologies, we want to see sci fi, fantasy and horror from established, upcoming, and brand new Australian writers. The idea is to showcase what we're capable of down here in the oft-forgot Antipodes. 

We have a blind submissions policy, so we won't know which submission is from whom. Stories will be selected on merit and on how well they hit the brief. So if you're thinking of submitting - make sure you hit the brief. And I mean really nail it to the wall. Break our hearts to win our hearts.

In order to hit the brief dead centre, head over to the CSFG Publishing page and read it all - including the section on formatting.

Australia has a strong roguish heritage. While stories don't need to be set here - or reference Australia in any way - let's play to our strengths and channel that Highwayman spirit.

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