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Chris Large is a fiction writer and narrative designer living in Sydney, Australia. His fiction (and non-fiction) has appeared in many Australian science fiction and fantasy magazines, and numerous anthologies. 

In 2017 he co-edited the multi-award-nominated fantasy anthology: A Hand of Knaves. He has worked as a narrative designer for US-based publishers including 3 Minute Games, Big Fish Games and Tales Inc.

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Darkendore: Knight Defender - due to popular demand

Readership has ticked up on the Tales: Choose your own story app, and since a bunch of folks have asked for more Darkendore, I've decided to give it to them. I really enjoy writing Darkendore and all its weird and wonderful characters.  Darkendore: Knight Defender will focus more on developing friendships and love interests, but you can still expect plenty of plot twists and turns, as you attempt to beat back the forces of evil threatening to overwhelm Castle Darkendore this time around. You can play Darkendore: Knight Defender here: or the original Darkendore game here:

The Outer Worlds - It's [insert favorite RPG, Movie, Book, TV show] - In Space!!

The first thing I'm gonna say about this game is: I freaking love it. Everything that comes after should be seen through that lens. The second thing I'm going to say is that the writers/devs on the The Outer Worlds are sharp. You know the saying, "You can't please all of the people, all of the time"? Well, Obsidian Entertainment has shown that you really, really can. It's been said many-a-time that "This Game" is just Skyrim with guns, or "That Game" is just Fallout in Space etc... Well, The Outer Worlds is all that and it doesn't care what you think about plundering pop culture for kicks. There are numerous nods to other games, sure, but (and I want to emphasize this) not only games. There are references to TV shows, movies, music, books, table-top RPGs, the list goes on, and it's not confined to the SF/F genres. Conversations are 1 on 1. Very Reminiscent of Oblivion. And like early Elder Scrolls, the voice acting is

I Joined A Writer's Group

I guess there's a first time for everything! As part of my commitment to start writing again I joined the Canberra Spec Fic Goup (CSFG) as an 'outer' Canberra member. Since I'm based in Tassie their definition of 'outer' is clearly pretty broad, which is great for me. I already know a few of the guys and I met a few more last year at the launch of Next so I'm hoping being a part of writerly discussion will bring me back from the brink of oblivion and set me firmly back on the page once more.