Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Communing with the Writing Gods

A while ago I decided I loved John Scalzi's books. First I read Old Man's War and it was awesome. Then I read Redshirts and that was awesome too. The kids and I were going on a driving holiday so I bought the audiobook of Agent to the Stars, read by Wil Wheaton, and you guessed it, it was awesome.

By the time I read his latest book, Lock In, it was just too much. I needed to speak to this man so I emailed him and we caught up on Skype, just like that.

John Scalzi is a great guy and an absolute dream to interview. Once he starts talking it's like a freight train of ideas blasting toward you. We discussed writing (obvs), world-building, feminism, awards, stormtroopers, redshirts and lightsaber cross-guards. If writing, world-building, feminism, awards, stormtroopers, redshirts or lightsabers interest you in any way at all, you do not want to miss the June and July issues of Aurealis.

Yes, that's right. This interview is so big it cannot be contained in one issue. So big in fact we had to split it into three, some of which may end up on the website just so we don't miss anything.

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