Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Deckard after a hard day at the office.
Ever wondered what a gentleman’s blaster might look like? A gun with a bit of pizzazz? Something out of the ordinary, for the discerning gun-toting SF character? Well look no further than the PKD, a sidearm with a difference, as carried by ex-cop-turned-replicant-murderer, Rick Deckard, in Blade Runner.

The PKD is named in homage to Philip K. Dick, author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, a short novel I read a many years ago, and remember more for its differences to Blade Runner, than its similarities. The REAL MAN behind this weapon, however, is Rick Deckard.

The PKD. Love the double trigger.
Deckard hates his job. He doesn’t like going around pumping bullets into ‘skin jobs’, and at the beginning of Blade Runner he’s just quit, and is more than happy to be sitting around doing…well, nothing. But a guy who’s as good at killing as Deckard is in demand, and so it isn’t long before he’s reinstated as L.A.’s top Blade Runner, “…a goddamn, one man slaughterhouse”. Cue the PKD, the stylish, snub-nosed weapon of choice for the man who has everything.
Oh shit, sorry, wrong pic!

From its amber grip, to its funky double trigger, the PKD oozes sophistication, while at the same time managing to look badass like no other pistol in SF history. What is it about this weapon that makes it so unique? Of all the blasters I’ve discussed on this blog, this is probably the one I’d least want pointed at me, and that’s saying something.

Having said that, if we look at the facts, Deckard didn’t employ  the PKD with 100% success. He was tasked with killing five ‘skin jobs’ (including Rachael), but he only manages to actually shoot two of them. Admittedly Rachael does kill Leon with the PKD too, but Roy pretty-much dies of old age before Deckard can take him out, and Rachael, well, we all know what happens to her.

Ahh, that's better.
Even though the PKD doesn’t have a great track record, and even though it looks to be a gun with more style than substance, style still counts for something. I love the PKD. And for that reason, I’ve added a new row to the weapon stats list: Swagger.

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