Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Story in Aurealis #58!

Ever thought it would be really neat to read a brothel/western/Peter Pan/Wizard of Oz/zombie/werewolf/revenge story? Ever wondered why no one's ever thought of such an amazing idea before? Because now you see all those concepts together in the one place, you totally get how that would be awesome? Well, now you can read just such a story, because The Red House is out now in Aurealis #58.

The resemblance
is just uncanny!
For that story and a whole lot more, head here and fork out just $2.99 for a really great, and unique read. Steve Simpson's Apartment on Copernicus Street, will have you donning dark glasses and casting furtive glances toward the sun. Then there's my OTT western romp, The Red House, and if all that wasn't enough awesome, there's an interview with Spec Fic writing's dynamic duo, Lisa Hannet and Angela Slatter.

So go buy it now. One of the most entertaining ways to spend $3 I can think of.

The man they call Jayne.
And just to back up my western folklore credentials, here's a bonus picture of me dressed as Jayne Cobb, for a 30th birthday at the weekend.

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