Monday, March 18, 2013

Blasters Month Revisited

By far the most popular thing I've ever done on this blog was Blasters Month, which was a series of tongue-in-cheek posts comparing the pros and cons of various side-arms in SF TV/Movies/Games. And while it was fun to do, I wasn't so interested in the guns themselves, as in how well the weapons fit the wielders, and why blasters are needed in SF at all.

Lets face it, most SF in movies and TV is weaponized. Heavily weaponized. So we may as well accept it and get on with working out who has the biggest and the best, and why. The results from the first Blasters Month were surprising (to me at least), but it has since been pointed out to me how woefully inadequate the current list is, so I intend to add to it in the coming weeks and months.

If anyone else wants to jump in and rate their favourite iconic side-arm, feel free. Otherwise I'll just potter along, doing my own thing. Below are the results of the first Blasters Month, which I ran in April 2011.

The weapons were rated across a range of standard blaster characteristics. Clearly I take a very broad approach to what can be considered a blaster. Basically I'm allowing any ranged weapon used in any form of SF. The clear winner was the phaser (Star Trek), due to it's versatility, closely followed by the RDB (Stargate Atlantis), the Dalek Gunstick (Dr Who), and Han Solo's modified DL-44 Heavy Blaster (Duh - if you don't know where this comes from, leave my blog now).

Let's see if we can't do better.


Anonymous said...

Cyber Men hand Lazers!
Aliens Pulse Rifle!
Ghost Busters Proton pack!
District 9 Tesla Rifle!
The Fifth Element’s Zorg ZF-1 Pod Gun!
Come on man GIVE US GUNS!!!

Chris L said...


Yes, yes. I'll try!!!

All good suggestions, especially the Zorg ZF-1!