Thursday, January 17, 2013

Patience and Reading Around

Over the holidays, I've had a bit of trouble writing, despite having time to do so. I don't have any stories in the works ATM, bar another Captain Thunder romp. The first (Captain Thunder's Last Stand) appeared in ASIM, the second (Captain Thunder at the End of All Things) will appear in Stupefying Stories (in the Throwbacks issue, I think) later this year. The third, tentatively entitled, Captain Thunder's Adventure in Space and Time, is causing me undue angst right now. In fact, I'm a little bit peeved with it to be honest.

Anyway, other than that, the cupboard is bare. There have been some submission calls I've had my eye on, but the stories just won't come, and when they do, I don't like them. Patience is the key. All of the stories I sold last year where written in a three-month creative burst. I just need to wait for the stars to align again, and the words will flow.

Travelling around Bruny Island for the past few days with my kids I listened to a bunch of audio books by such luminaries as Andy Griffiths and Paul Jennings. Lighthouse Blues, a short story by Paul Jennings, is an old favourite. Anything by Andy Giffiths makes me laugh (except maybe his The Day My Bum Went Psycho books, which were a little too much, even for me). So I have some ideas on where to go next, if only I can unplug the brain drains and get the words to match the awesomeness of the ideas.

Patience. In all things, patience...

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