Monday, July 23, 2012

Hobart Zombie Walk 2012

A group of undead misfits.
Staggering through Princess Park, shambling up Salamanca Place, lurching through the Elizabeth Street Mall, zombies were everywhere in Hobart last Saturday - even sucking down a few pints at the Brisbane Hotel.

The kids and I joined in this year for our first zombie walk, with a group of my friends. We spent the morning having a zombie breakfast of brain waffles, watching Shaun of the Dead, and applying latex to each other's faces.

Then, of course, there was the walk, and all of the great costumes. I never realised how difficult it is to lurch, rather than walk normally. By the time we hit the pub we were all ready for a coldie (lift for the kids). Then back home to shower, before pizza, more beer and a movie marathon including Armies of Darkness, and The Lost Boys.

What an excellent day!

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