Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The F Word

The "F" word can mean a lot of things, but in this case I'm talking about an EPIC FAIL. I wish I could go see a teacher after class about it because this latest fail leaves me at a loss.

Usually if I've written something good, I know it. Usually if I've written something good, I can get it published, but this story (which IMHO is the second best thing I've ever written) seems unpublishable.

"WHY?" you ask. "How can something that is so clearly kickass, not catch someone's eye?"

Well the problem is, the story does catches the reader's eye. It's an enjoyable read and editors like it, the problem is, no matter what I do, the ENDING SUCKS.

I've worked it, and reworked it, and reworked it again. I thought I'd done it this time though. I thought I'd come up with an ending good enough to support the body of the story. Then I got this:

I have taken the unusual step of including some longer comments as they might well be useful.
“It worked perfectly well until the ending. Had a solid premise with the key to ‘anywhere’ then introduced the ‘anywhen’ factor to up the ante. Unfortunately, the mixture of specky and noir which worked well at first got the better of the author. Finished weakly, failed to realise the potential of great concepts.
Hope this helps. (Note that no discussion can be entered into).

Writing is like walking, you need to know
when (and how) to stop, and make it look
Rejections eh? The great leveller. We liked your story but you still LOSE bud. I've pulled the last few pages of that story apart, scoured them out and put it all back together again more times than I care to count. Even so, when I sent it off this time I figured it was there, only just mind you, but there.

Well no, as it turns out, it wasn't. I guess there comes a time in every story's life when it has to either take flight, or drown, sucked under by the weight of its own (very hefty) expectations. It's just such a shame. I loved that story. Now...

Rest in peace, I shall trouble you no more.

Career Fail.

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