Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Running Man

Check out the style
I ran the Bruny Island Ultra Marathon over the weekend and it was great. Always fun to catch up with my mates for this event. We ran as a team, same as last year but we had less runners this year so we all had to do a few extra kms to make up the difference.
It’s 64kms from one end of the island to the other and the course is divided up into roughly 2km segments where teams are able to change out runners. None of us were particularly fit this year so we ran in two and four kilometre legs.
Some of the team at the finish, and kids.
Bruny Island really turned on the weather, we had sun, rain and hail. No snow this year. Was a little disappointed about that. Afterwards we ate, drank and made merry at the Captain Cook Caravan Park. Nice setup there too. Managed to kick my son’s butt in table tennis.
Hey, I gotta take my wins when I can get ‘em these days. He’ll be able to whip me soon enough.

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