Thursday, December 1, 2011

Captain Thunder Sequel

Opinion on the cover was
divided. I can't think why...
In the true spirit of never leaving well enough alone, I'm putting the finishing touches on a follow-up to my story, Captain Thunder's Last Stand, which appeared as the cover story for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #49.

If you've read it, I make no apologies. If you haven't, go here and find it.

The protagonists, Thunder and Lightning, are two men very close to my heart. They're my light and dark. The things Thunder says and does are the things I only DREAM of saying and doing. Lighting, on the other hand, is my alter-ego. My mannered, edumacated side. The one I present to polite company.

Of course there's no guarantee this story will be published. In fact it was a miracle the first one ever made it into print (thanks Edwina), but I do enjoy writing these guys. There's something about the dynamic that works for me. It's my guilty pleasure. I'm like, 'Can I go there? I can't. Oh, but wait, I am. SOMEBODY STOP ME!"

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