Thursday, November 24, 2011

Movies We'd Love To See - Red Dwarf

I fear someone out there is reading my mind. I don’t know how they do it. I’ve been wearing the tin foil hat for several months now but it doesn’t seem to be having any effect.
Next on my list of Movies We’d Love To See was to be one of my all-time favourite TV shows – Red Dwarf. But blow me down if the first thing that comes up when I google it isn’t an article over at GeekyGirls about its return to the small screen!
THIS IS EVEN BETTER NEWS! I didn’t really want a dwarfer movie, I just never thought I’d see the show on TV again after the Return to Earth miniseries (which was okay but not fantastic). I reckon Red Dwarf used to be a great show, but it was at its best when filmed in front of a live audience, and apparently that’s exactly what’s going to happen – a return to the original (and most successful) format. In fact, now I come to think of it, I might go over and be part of the audience for one of the shows. Now that would be cool!
Bugger the movie then I say! The danger with turning this series into a film would be in ending up with a steaming pile of smeg like the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie, which missed the point entirely.  Red Dwarf isn’t really about sci fi, or big concepts, or awesome special effects. It’s about four guys, no girls, and cheap laughs – lots of cheap laughs.
It’s the televisual equivalent of going into my shed with a bunch of mates and getting shitfaced drunk while playing pool with the cues and the balls but not the table.
Sure the hologram and the mechanoid will look a bit older, but I’m sure that can be easily explained. This news is the kind of thing that really brightens my day. My favourite episodes are basically everything from series 3 to series 6. If the new team can re-create this kind of feel/dynamic/hilarity then fans will be very happy indeed.

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