Friday, November 18, 2011

Movies We'd Love To See - Dr Who

OMG, OMG, OMG. This was on my list to write about, but two days ago the UK’s Daily Mail announced that David Yeats, director of the final Potter films, would be bringing DR WHO TO THE SILVER SCREEN!
I really don’t know what to say right now. As with the Potter series, the project will be Hollywood funded and the Dr Who writing team may even include Steve Kloves, the American Potter screenwriter. Okay, let me get my thoughts in order here. David Yates directed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which I thought was a pretty good film – possibly the second best in the series (best being Prisoner of Azkaban). The writing in the Potter films was…okay. While I wouldn’t have called it special or noteworthy, there will be one huge difference between the Potter films and Dr Who.
J. K. Rowling didn’t write it. With Potter, even if the direction was inept, and the screenwriting mediocre (I’m not saying it was, and in most cases it wasn’t) at least the story was strong. In this case Yates has already indicated the movie will not follow on from any particular story arc from the television show. My guess is that writers and producers will develop a completely separate story which can be explored in its own little sandbox.
Fans are already up in arms over the idea of the movie not linking with the TV show, but I reckon it’s a brilliant idea. The fact that the Doctor travels in both space and time means writers have the freedom to develop almost any new storyline, set in any place at any time. I just hope that US money doesn’t mean an end to the gentle humour and English sensibility of the series.
For a bloke who can go anywhere, anywhen, the Doctor has always been unusually Earth-centric. To be even more precise, he’s been unusually UK-centric. If writers continue this trend, I genuinely think they will produce something good. I watched the previous film – with a US Master, and it really didn’t ring true at all.
So now the movie's been announced the focus will be on who will play the Doctor. I feel it’s unlikely to be anyone currently, or previously cast. This will be a completely new branch of the Who Mythos, as the movies have always been.
The way I see it there are two ways casting agents can go:

Dylan Moran - Ben Mendelsohn - Simon Pegg

Jude Law - Richard Roxburgh - James Mcavoy
Personally I'd love to see either Jude Law or Ben Mendelsohn. This could be great, or it could be shit. I just hope to god they get it right this time.

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