Sunday, July 10, 2011

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Hi, been away for a while so just checking in. Work and home have been busier than usual – and NO ONE IS ANSWERING MY EMAILS. This happens every so often. No one answers one week, then the next I am snowed under and don’t have enough time to reply to MY EMAILS!
I guess I messed up KILLER ROBOT MONTH a bit but there just wasn’t time. I was going to do a piece on the Fembots from Austin Powers, and another on the Robots of Death, from Dr Who. Just imagine a couple of witty quips about boobs and machine guns and you’ll get the general idea.
I have given one of my favourite short stories a total rebuild and I am amazed at how far I’ve come as a writer in the past year. I wrote the story a while ago and sent it to Ray Gun Revival for their online reboot. They replied that while they enjoyed the characters and plot, there just weren’t enough ray guns for them to publish it (and something about the end being predictable - but that's been fixed now).
Well, I didn’t add any more ray guns, but I did make it totally kickass by tipping it on its side and shaking it until all the loose bits fell out. It’s a grimy piece of writing, covered in truly gross, sticky stuff that makes you want to go “Ewww, Jesus! Who wrote that?”
 I’m hoping someone will buy it, but if not – well, I learned a lot while writing it.
Oh, and someone said something nice about ASIM 51 and specifically my pieces, which, in some small way, makes all the fish slapping a little easier to take. You can read all about it here.

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