Saturday, April 16, 2011

BLASTERS MONTH Ronon Dex's Blaster

Ronon Dex (of Stargate Atlantis) was an angry man. He was angry about the genocide of his people, the Satedans, he was angry about being made a toy of the Wraith, and he was angry about the death of his wife, in fact there wasn’t a lot for the big guy to smile about.

But smile he did, whenever he drew his blaster and started wasting Wraith, a task he undertook with vengeful enthusiasm. Ronon was an old-style swashbuckler in so much as he was tall, dark, handsome, didn’t say much, and was as good with his fists as he was with his weapon.
For those unfamiliar with the series, think of Wraith (the perpetual nemeses of the Atlantians) as vampires, and of Ronon as their Van Helsing. For many years he was the hunted, but his association with the Atlantians gave him the resources to turn the tables and become the hunter. Wraith had the ability to suck the life out of their victims through little mouths in the palms of their hands. They also had vampiric regeneration abilities, meaning it often took up to ten direct hits with conventional weapons, to kill one.
Not with the Ronon's blaster. One shot from this baby not only killed a Wraith, it blasted him into next month. Enemies went flying when Ronon started firing, literally knocking them off their feet. But this gun wasn’t just powerful, it was heaps cool. It made an awesome sound. It fired bright crimson bolts of lethal energy, and it had a super-long barrel, which is always intimidating on a “Who’s got the biggest ‘weapon’” level.

There is no doubt that Ronon possessed the raw aggression to turn the tide of a firefight, and this was partly due to the power of his blaster. Ronon Dex’s blaster (henceforth the RDB) was given no explanation or backstory in the show. We never learned how he came by it, or how long he’d had it, but the RDB was easily the most powerful sidearm in the Atlantis series. John Sheppard discovered a similar weapon during his time with the Travellers (a nomadic, matriarchal society who seemed to select their leaders based solely upon how hot they looked in a leather bodysuit) but the energy cell was depleted, rendering the weapon useless.
Sure the glowing energy cell at the rear of the barrel was a bit counterproductive when it came to sneaking around in the dark, and sure cell depletion could be a problem, but Ronon always came prepared with spare cells, and he sure as hell never ran out of juice on an important mission. All this and it also had a stun setting! The RDB was the envy of everyone who regularly undertook off-world missions for the SGC, and it basically made standard-issue automatic weaponry look totally pissweak by comparison.
 I want a RDB. I want one soooo much.

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