Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Golden Oldies

When I think of modern Sci-Fi movies, I don't think of many as classics. Donnie Darko might be one, then I go right back to Alien(s) before I can think of another. Most of the stuff coming out now is near-future, urban SF and frankly - while I kinda enjoy it - I'd prefer a sweeping space opera with a bit of flair. The most recent Star Trek is a great example. I don't know if it's a classic, only time will tell on that series.

While trawling the 2 for $20 blu ray bin the other day I picked up a copy of the old Flash Gordon movie. Now that is a classic! I've seen it several times over the years. First in the cinema, where I remember being totally disappointed, having expected something more Star Wars-ish. Now, with a bit of age and craving movies with a generous helping of humour, I love it.

The sets are so lavishly decorated and cavernous. The special effects so wonderfully free of digital manipulation. The costumes of the Hawkmen and assorted women so tiny. The acting so bad.

I find myself wanting to watch it again and again.

What's wrong with me? No, really! What's wrong with me?

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