Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Funny, but you Can't Write That!

I get this a lot from people who read my stuff. "Hey, that's so funny...but you can't write that!" Okay, I'm new to getting published, and I haven't had a backlash against anything I've written (yet), but if something's funny, and not offensive, why can't I write it?

It seems the fewer people who proof my work, the funnier it is. And surely if a piece of writing is putting a smile on a face somewhere, then it's worthwhile. I don't like pulling my punches and I guess I don't have as many boundaries as some. I'm new, and haven't fallen into a groove yet. I understand not everyone's going to like what I do.

Fine, I don't write for approval. I have a theory that with some short stories, if you can get enough outrageous ideas to work together in a simulacrum of harmony, then - right there - you have the basis for a really good piece. Outrageous tales with a bit of humour are the ones that really stick with me - those or haunting, concept-driven stories with heaps of atmosphere.

So when someone says "You can't write that!" I tend to ignore them, because if they're feeling something strongly enough to comment, if it's invoked a response, then it's the kind of thing I definitely want to keep in there.

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