Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting Stuff Published!

I've recently had a kick in the pants for not putting anything up here. Fair enough, I have a million excuses but no one wants to hear any of them so instead I'll list the work I've had accepted for publication in the last few months:

Captain Thunder's Last Stand (sf) - ASIM #49 Dec 2010
The Tectonics of the Misty Mountains (f) - ASIM #51 April 2011
Weapons of Self Destruction (sf) - ASIM #51 April 2011
and late entry:
MoanAdrone's M-70 Likes it on Top (sf) - AntiSF #153 March 2011

That's it so far...What? Come on, I only started writing this year after getting back to Oz. I do actually submit to magazines other than Andromeda Spaceways but ASIM are the only guys who get my sense of humour (perhaps I'll have to curb it). And yes I know, Robbin Williams stole my 'Weapons of Self Destruction' title, but since that story hasn't been published yet, well...Can't really blame him.

I'm still editing my novel Cosmic Girl in Ultrachrome, and I've started on book two but it's really early days. Got to find someone to publish it now. Rowena Cory Daniells has asked me to guest blog on her Ripping Ozzie Reads site. Sounded great at first but she's been caining me ever since (and she seemed like such a nice person...) Seriously though, I'm learning a lot from her and that's a great thing.

I've also been following Sarah A. Hoyt at the Mad Genius Club blog, and she too is depressing me with how much I still have to learn (Haaah Grasshopper, one day, when you are ready...). In fact between the two of them I am feeling like a total novice - which, of course - I am.

I am hoping to add a few more publishing credits to my name before the end of the year but November's looking a bit tight, with an Ore Deposit Models short course taking up quite a bit of it.

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